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5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello, iam here on behave of your pokemon trainer creator, i hate to ask you to add things as i know how hard it was for you to do all this, but i am asking for just a few more pokemon, i am saying “just a few more” because I feel guilty asking for just the pokemon i want, however the one pokemon i want can be backed up with a fair argument so here i go;

    I would like elekid added, I believe elekid would be appropriate in the “chis”, i know marill is often considered the pikachu of Jhoto, but elekid can be as well. For example elekid was pikachus partner in the mini movie “Pikachus rescue adventure” as well, paul (ash’s sinnoh rival) had an elekid to counter part pikachu, that elekid went on to become elective, a pokemon that not only paul, but GARY (ashs main rival) has as well. Along with all this elekid was often featured among pikachu on boxes of pokemon products during the Jhoto time.

    Please consider adding elekid

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