The Harry Potter Demo is Nearly Complete!

The demo for my Harry Potter novel is nearly finished! It will be available for Mac and Windows standalone and will be posted on my website for download. Follow this blog or my tumblr to keep track of further updates!


Which Cloak Best Suits You?

Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes sells a variety of magical tricks and jokes. What some may not know, however, is that they also sell some practical – and fashionable – items for the everyday witch and wizard who may or may not be into pranking.

Fred and George Weasley invented the Shield Cloak, which was originally intended to trick a witch or wizard into jinxing the wearer, only to find their spells backfire! Eventually, the Ministry of Magic bought five hundred of them in order to help them combat the Dark Arts.

Which one of these cloaks best suits you?

Meet Victoire Weasley and Teddy Lupin

Upon starting the game, you’ll be introduced to starstruck lovers Victoire and Teddy. As a recent alum, Teddy has been assigned to be your mentor, helping you get the things you need to start your first year at Hogwarts. Unfortunately, due to a mix up of schedules, he can’t make it, and has his girlfriend cover for him instead. What will you two find in the teeming streets of Diagon Alley?

Artist: Julia Nguyen

Introducing: A Harry Potter Visual Novel

For the past few months, I have been working alongside two artists – Yessenia Fabian and Julia Nguyen – to make my very own visual novel based off of the Harry Potter series’ epilogue. The choices that the player makes throughout the game affects the outcome of their story – which ends after the sorting ceremony at the Great Hall of Hogwarts! I hope to release a working demo of this game by November, when the new Harry Potter movie comes out in theaters.

I am developing this game with the Unity game engine and Fungus toolkit. Fungus is a free, open-source storytelling tool that has helped me tremendously throughout this project. If you are interested in making your own story-driven games, I recommend you check it out!

Right now, my visual novel is about 50% complete. It will feature a dynamic storyline and several minigames. I’m really excited to share my project with you guys! Feel free to leave constructive feedback as I share screenshots of my progress!

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